This serie of paintings is a transition between Les Chaises and Les Squelettes. The base material is Kraft paper. On blue (and sometimes red) backgrounds, these are fragile and ephemeral sculpture-paintings in which the images are accentuated by strips of glued paper, woven into the work. Looking back, this serie appears to be a subconscious preparation for the 'Squelettes' serie. In the 'Squelettes' series however, the bodies are full - in this serie they are empty as though they have been hollowed out.
Travail de Jeunesse (1972-1974, Geneva)
La découverte du papier Kraft (1976, Paris)
Les Pastels (1979-1980, Devon – England)
Feutres (1988)
Parme – Italy (1988-1989)
Factures (1989-1991, Travels)
Animal & other Dancers (1990-1991, Pietrasanta – Italy)
Monochrome (1992)
Mezzi di Trasporti (1992)
Série de Portraits (1992)
L’appartement en face du Musée Rodin (1992-1994, Italy)
Autoportraits (1993-1994, Parme – Italy)
Chaises rouge (1994-1998, Paris)
Portes Jaune (1995, Paris)
Chaises rouge (1996, Paris)
Les Autoportraits - Découpages (1997, Paris)
Les Squelettes (1997, Paris)
Chaises rouge (1998, Paris)
Chaises rouge et pile d’habits (1998, Paris)
Prière (théâtre) (1999-2001, Paris)
Prière (portrait de famille) (1999-2001, Paris)
Prière (paysage) (1999-2001, Paris)
Les Carnets (2001-2003, Paris)
Collages (2002-2003, Paris)
Mey / Josefowitz (2006-2007, Genève)
Collages (2006-2007, Genève)
Work-in-process (2010-2012, Genève)
Moving walls (2013, Hégenheim)
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