There are four parts to 'Les Chaises' series: les chaises 'chorégraphie', les chaises 'autoportraits-découpages', les 'chaises géometriques', les 'chaises et les piles d'habits'. The inspiration behind it is a choreography called 'Forever Young' that Cathy Josefowitz put together in 1989. These works and the choreography are dedicated to Monique Van Laak, a dancer and a friend of Cathy who died falling off a cliff. The red chair is the main character and the falling - whether it is slow or fast - is the main movement.

"Where does the movement begin? Where does the dance end? Who dances? These are just a few of the questions that Cathy Josefowitz constantly asked me during our years of friendship and working together. In other words, the continuity between the inability to move and dance, between dance and the 'easy actions' of every day life: walking, falling, rolling, getting up. The transfer of these chairs to canvas creates paintings that are dedicated to falling or the action of falling. They are clearly prayers - prayers made in the presence or absence of people. It is in resurrection or waiting (in falling and getting up again, walking and lying down) that we learn that transcendance is always linked to imminence, in other words, to everyday living." Beppe Sebaste.

Travail de Jeunesse (1972-1974, Geneva)
La découverte du papier Kraft (1976, Paris)
Les Pastels (1979-1980, Devon – England)
Feutres (1988)
Parme – Italy (1988-1989)
Factures (1989-1991, Travels)
Animal & other Dancers (1990-1991, Pietrasanta – Italy)
Monochrome (1992)
Mezzi di Trasporti (1992)
Série de Portraits (1992)
L’appartement en face du Musée Rodin (1992-1994, Italy)
Autoportraits (1993-1994, Parme – Italy)
Chaises rouge (1994-1998, Paris)
Portes Jaune (1995, Paris)
Chaises rouge (1996, Paris)
Les Autoportraits - Découpages (1997, Paris)
Les Squelettes (1997, Paris)
Chaises rouge (1998, Paris)
Chaises rouge et pile d’habits (1998, Paris)
Prière (théâtre) (1999-2001, Paris)
Prière (portrait de famille) (1999-2001, Paris)
Prière (paysage) (1999-2001, Paris)
Les Carnets (2001-2003, Paris)
Collages (2002-2003, Paris)
Mey / Josefowitz (2006-2007, Genève)
Collages (2006-2007, Genève)
Work-in-process (2010-2012, Genève)
Moving walls (2013, Hégenheim)
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