In these works, the 'figures' are small, separate and absorbed in the colour. They can create the landscape, the background, or even add to the depth, subject, light and transparency.

During this period, Cathy Josefowitz is preoccupied by themes such as space, choreography, time, movement and the 9 months of changes she was going through: the artist was pregnant and fascinated by the transformation of her body. She felt her sensuality, her instinct and animality to the highest degree.
Travail de Jeunesse (1972-1974, Geneva)
La découverte du papier Kraft (1976, Paris)
Les Pastels (1979-1980, Devon – England)
Feutres (1988)
Parme – Italy (1988-1989)
Factures (1989-1991, Travels)
Animal & other Dancers (1990-1991, Pietrasanta – Italy)
Monochrome (1992)
Mezzi di Trasporti (1992)
Série de Portraits (1992)
L’appartement en face du Musée Rodin (1992-1994, Italy)
Autoportraits (1993-1994, Parme – Italy)
Chaises rouge (1994-1998, Paris)
Portes Jaune (1995, Paris)
Chaises rouge (1996, Paris)
Les Autoportraits - Découpages (1997, Paris)
Les Squelettes (1997, Paris)
Chaises rouge (1998, Paris)
Chaises rouge et pile d’habits (1998, Paris)
Prière (théâtre) (1999-2001, Paris)
Prière (portrait de famille) (1999-2001, Paris)
Prière (paysage) (1999-2001, Paris)
Les Carnets (2001-2003, Paris)
Collages (2002-2003, Paris)
Mey / Josefowitz (2006-2007, Genève)
Collages (2006-2007, Genève)
Work-in-process (2010-2012, Genève)
Moving walls (2013, Hégenheim)
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